29th Monaco Yacht Show

The Monaco Yacht Show is the most important event in the superyacht panorama that takes place in Montecarlo every year. In the house of fine yachting 125 superyacht were exhibited during the 29th edition of the MYS. This year we chose to go beyond the superyachts and explore also different categories.

Columbus Yachts - Dragon

80 meter of length, 13 meter of beam and a Gross Tonnage of 2300 GT.

Those stunning dimensions makes the M/Y Dragon the flagship of the Italian shipyard Columbus

Yachts. The clean external lines and the naval Engineering were done by Hydro Tec Studio while the warm harmonious interiors were designed by Francesco Guida. The boat develops over six decks, five of which are served by an elevator. The fourth deck is exclusively reserved to the owner and the 110 square meter cabin is enriched by a large window that guarantee a spectacular view on the private foredeck.

Extra - 130' Alloy

The EXTRA 130’ Alloy motor yacht renamed “L.A.U.L.” was launched in Savona and few weeks later made his first public debut at the Monaco Yacht Show. Measuring 40 meter in length she was built in just 15 months for a european ship owner. The most impressive dimension is the beam: 8.4 meter, which are uncommon for a yacht of this length. Francesco Guida signed both the exterior and the interior design. It has been conceived to be a perfect superyacht for socializing and entertaining with family and friends.

For example, the upper deck boasts an outdoor dining area complete with TV, bar, a large sofa and chaise-lounge as well as a large sunbathing zone and several seats. EXTRA 130 Alloy is designed also to accommodate the installation of an efficient photovoltaic system.

Lynx Yachts - YXT 24 Evolution

With this boat we leave the superyacht field to enter the shadow vessels segment. A shadow vessel is a support vessel that allows to extend the yachting experience, and that's why Lynx yachts has decided to name their shadow vessel line YXT (YXT stands for yacht extender) This boat follows and supply the main yacht and offer extra support for going ashore in shallow water.

Filippo Rossi, Sales and Marketing manager of Lynx Yachts, guided us in the tour of this yacht characterized by his generous storage space. Built in the Netherlands, Bernd Weel signed for the exterior design, Diana Yacht Design for the naval architecture and Darnet Design for the interior. The deck is hosting tenders and toys: the boat that we visited at the MYS was carrying jetskis, tenders and also an SUV. When the on-board toys have been launched, the main deck can be transformed in a large open space: these 74 square meter can become a game, party or sunbathing area. On the aft deck we find a gym, a special customization requested by the sport-lover owner.

DARIELimo 12

DARIELimo 12 is the second hard-body tender limousine produced by Dariel Yacht. It has a high performance hull and thanks to the 2 Yanmar ( 370 horse power each) can reach 43 knots.

Want to break the 50 knots barrier? No problem: the tender is homologated also to accommodate 2 Cummins 550 hp each on this purpose.

4.30 meter of length, 2.70 of beam: this limousine tender can accommodate in his luxury interior up to 12 guest and is designed to be stored inside a superyacht garage. The boat has been introduced to us by Marcello Rapisarda, who designed this DARIELimo. He explained to us how he managed to give an elegant and sporty touch to this limousine, for example featuring two carves for air intake on the superstructure.

What really impressed us are the carefully refined details typical of a super-yacht.

The door that allows us to access the passenger area and the 316L handles that are proudly showing the engraved Dariel logo are just a couple of examples of the Dariel quality.

IconCraft - 27

Can an 8-metre boat be equipped with a Sea-doo? The French brand IconCraft think so, and the full aluminium IconCraft 27 displayed at the MYS is the proof.

We spoke with Cedric Labouryie, IconCraft's CEO, and asked him how he came up with this idea. "Recreational boaters want something different. Time has changed and especially the younger generation want to enjoy the boating in a dynamic and sporty way. We approached this market offering them a product which can be always ready for the use. We want to make the boat as easy as their car.

IconCraft is betting on the increasing popularity of water toys. That's why we decided to create this 8 meter tender that can be equipped with a paddle board, jetski and also a jetboard or a Seabob" The ready-for-the use approach starts from the very beginning of the customer experience. An online configurator available on the iconcraft website allows the future customers to see how their boats will look like in different colors and different configuration.

Some interesting solutions:

-the sides of the deck are openable and the beam goes from 2,5m to 3,5m.

-the T-top is removable so this tender can easily be stored inside a superyacht garage.

-once the sea-doo is on water a floating board enlarge the space available.

-traditional configuration with rigid deck instead of jetski and bench convertible into a sunbed. It is also proposed a towed buoy that has a role of bench or toys. The design is signed by Marino Alfani, who managed to came up with a stunning design for this small boat.

"I consider every new boat as a new challenge, especially the small ones where we need to study all the details and try to personalize the boat in order to differentiate it from the competitors.

The ergonomics and the functionality of the spaces are studied and analyzed like the car's cockpit. It is fundamental to make the most of every centimetre available. Cedric called me and I had the possibility to start from scratch and create a full range of boats.

This is my job: realize the dreams of my customers".

With this first 8-metre dailyboat tailored for water toys IconCraft gives us a way to bring onboard on our boats the fun of the beach activities.

Model Makers Milano

We end our tour at the MYS focusing on the smallest boats: the small scale prototype models. Those tangible models allow us to see the boats in their real texture, lights, shadows effects and geometry for the first time, long before the real full scale model production.

At every boat show is possible to see many of them: they are the best way to present a new concept to a potential buyer. Gathering early feedback helps the shipyard and designer to adapt the concept to the real markets need. Jacopo Molfese, the founder of Model Makers Milano, introduced us to this world, explaining which materials and technologies are used to produce those top quality small scale models.

"All sort of 3D printings are used: Fused Deposition Modeling, SLA and SLS. In addition to those additive manufacturing process we use CNC tools, and sometimes we use the same material of the full scale boat like the fiberglass. Even though we are using the newest technologies, as the additive manufacturing, the most important equipment are still the brain, hands and the eyes."

The most commons scales are the same used in miniature making and industrial design: 1:10, 1:20, 1:24, 1:25, 1:32, 1:50 and 1:100. "We spend lot of hours in carefully choosing the painting colour. We consider it one of the most important part of the process." Even the biggest and boldest concepts are turned into reality thanks to those small scale models.

Matteo Bugliari Armenio

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29th Monaco Yacht Show
29th Monaco Yacht Show
29th Monaco Yacht Show
29th Monaco Yacht Show
29th Monaco Yacht Show
29th Monaco Yacht Show
29th Monaco Yacht Show
29th Monaco Yacht Show

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