Ocean Alexander 90R and 45D debut at Cannes Yachting Festival 2019

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Ocean Alexander 90R and 45D

double european debut media speech

Thursday, September 12th

h 5.30pm on board OA 90R

Superyachts extension


- Both new models will debut in Europe at the 2019 Cannes Yachting Festival

- Evan K. Marshall designed both yachts

- The 90R is the first model of the new Revolution Series

- Notable features of the unit #5 of the 90R include a full beam master suite, a glass enclosed beach club, and five guest cabins

- The 90R unit #5 will also be on display at the 2019 Monaco Yacht Show

- The 45D is the smallest and first outboard model of Ocean Alexander range

- The 45D has an innovative cockpit and is available in three versions – Dive, Fishing and Coupe

Ocean Alexander, one of the world’s largest yacht producers, is delighted to announce that the new 90R superyacht and 45D sporty yacht are going to make their European debuts at the 2019 Cannes Yachting Festival, from September 10-15. The former will also be on display at the 2019 Monaco Yacht Show, from September 25-28.


Revolutionary superyacht

The 90R is the first model of the new Revolution Series of yachts by Ocean Alexander. It is a collaborative design between the offices of Evan K. Marshall and Arrabito Naval Architects, both of which are world-renowned for yacht design and naval engineering. Some unique design elements of the 90R includes a never-before-seen beach club that comes with a wet bar and gorgeous skylight, the perfect place to relax and watch the stars.

“The new 90R combines the obsession for quality that has distinguished Ocean Alexander over the past 40 years with the best in contemporary interior design; it is rich in innovative and attractive concepts”, explains Giampaolo Murzi, who distributes Ocean Alexander in Europe, Turkey and Russia. “From a competitive point of view, this boat will also be successful on the European market because clients are becoming more and more demanding and are perfectly capable of understanding and distinguishing, merely by reading the standard specs, that a shipyard makes you pay more because it gives you so much more”.

The new full-width main deck expands living space without compromising the incredible performance and efficiency Ocean Alexander is known for. The height of luxury can be found in the spacious on-deck master along with the option of four additional staterooms below. With floor-to- ceiling windows, the salon provides stunning near 360° views that will be unrivaled in its class.

The 90R that will be on display in Cannes and Monaco is the fifth hull of this new series introduced less than a year ago. It was especially fine-tuned foe the European market.

“For the first time a 90R superyacht is painted in metallic grey, all other hulls were white”, comments Giampaolo Murzi. “In addition, the layout is changed, there are five guest cabins instead of four in the standard version. And we’ve added some features, like a big exterior screen and a Jacuzzi on the upper deck”.

The new fifth unit of the 90R superyacht will be delivered to Italy in August 2019 and available for media sea trials on the first week of September upon request.

Unique and flexible

The new 45D is a completely new model that has been launched in early 2019. This is the smallest Ocean Alexander boat ever and she takes the renowned brand to another level. A 14.5-meter yacht transcends boundaries by flawlessly merging the comforts of a yacht with the size, swiftness and accessibility of a sport boat. It is available in three different configurations: Fishing, Diving or Coupe.

“We’ve brought elegance, style and sport performance together in perfect harmony, that’s an amazing all-around day boat”, said Giampaolo Murzi of Ocean Alexander Europe, official distributor for Europe, Turkey and Russia. “Prepare to amaze everyone onboard with its bold design, impressive customization and unprecedented level of comfort for a boat of its size. We assume that many superyacht owners would like to have such a wonderful yacht as a superb tender but she’s great as a day boat that is built to the superyacht quality.”

Evan K. Marshall, a well-known designer of megayachts, penciled this new model. She is being built on Merritt Island, Florida, in Ocean Alexander’s new modern facility that opened three years to build the brand’s 70e yacht.

The 45D is a center-console design powered by four Mercury Verado 350 engines. The yacht offers innovative convertibility, excellent engineering, luxurious finishing touches. This new model also includes a unique, patented feature of a door-within-a-door fold-out bulwark. This is the first US patent secured by Alexander Marine.

“During the design process, we realized how innovative and unique this concept was and acted to protect this creativity. The boat has a standard beam of 4.19m and when both bulwarks are extended, the beam becomes 5.82m, giving immense space in the cockpit area. When the bulwarks are up, the door-within-a-door act as boarding entries from either side of the boat. When the bulwark is extended, you can also open the door and it becomes an easy access point,” adds inventor Richard Allender, Chief of US Operations at Ocean Alexander.

Another comfortable seating area is situated in the bow around a table that can be made of either fiberglass, natural wood or carbon and folds out into a huge sunpad.

The 45D allows to scuba dive with friends and family, using the fold-down side bulwarks with carbon-fiber poles and hidden swimming ladders. On board this yacht feels much more than a 45-footer.

Then, there is a large galley for a cookout on the water. It is equipped with a grill and a coffee table that converts into a comfortable dining table for six with the touch of a button. The boat also has an inside space with comfortable couches that convert in a double bed and a large pop-up 49” TV. Finally, there is a generous shade on deck to relax after water activities and a lot of space to carry fishing gear. In a Coupe version, the main saloon can be completely covered with glass to ensure the area is protected from winds and bad weather, which works well for colder climates.

More than 400 variations of the cosmetic appearance of this boat mean there is the opportunity to transform the 45D to owner’s personal desires. A wide array of optional amenities is available like a live-bait well, rod holders or storage for diving accessories. Divergence is truly in a class of its own.

Ocean Alexander offers many options for the new boat, from several hull paint colors to gyrostabilizers and from night vision to more storage, tanks and equipment for nice fishing.


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Ocean Alexander 90R and 45D debut at Cannes Yachting Festival 2019
Ocean Alexander 90R and 45D debut at Cannes Yachting Festival 2019

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