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Volvo Penta: Greater onboard comfort with Active Ride Control

  • Volvo Penta: Greater onboard comfort with Active Ride Control

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Active Ride Control (ARC) is the result of years of development of improving safety and onboard comfort. By using the Volvo Penta interceptor system, ARC effectively diminishes pitch and roll motion by up to 60 per cent at cruising speeds.

“Onboard comfort is important to customers and it’s one of the aspects of boating that we wanted to satisfy in creating ARC,” says Björn Rönnvall, product manager for marine leisure at Volvo Penta.

“The sensors and automatic deployment of the interceptor blades make this system much faster and more responsive than traditional manual trim and list functions. During acceleration when the bow rises, or if a boat is hit by waves from the side, it can be stabilized quicker for a smooth ride that will reduce the risk of seasickness.”


Smoother rides in almost any condition

ARC can be fitted to both planing and semi-planing Volvo Penta-powered boats of 35ft and over. When planing or semi-planing, it activates the interceptor blades that rapidly protrude at different lengths to reduce pitch and roll, and level out the boat. The system can be adjusted to increase or decrease the sensitivity of movement.

Active Ride Control is fully integrated with Volvo Penta’s Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) system, which makes it easy to use. The control unit works with Volvo Penta’s Glass Cockpit System to show trim and list angles in the display unit.

“The automatic nature of Active Ride Control is good for new or recent converts to boating, while the adjustable aspect of the sensitivity is good for experienced boaters who are used to handling their vessel in different sea states,” says Rönnvall.

He adds: “ARC is a fast, dynamic function. Everything is automatic so that boaters can focus on more important things, like navigating and enjoying the experience. And in introducing this new technology, we are continuing with our vision of making boating easy, safe and fun.”



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