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  • AZIMUT 80
  • AZIMUT 80
  • AZIMUT 80
  • AZIMUT 80
  • AZIMUT 80
  • AZIMUT 80
  • AZIMUT 80
  • AZIMUT 80
  • AZIMUT 80
  • AZIMUT 80

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Azimut Yachts

Cruising is like changing skin: your body seeks new, more relaxed positions; your feet regain their freedom; your hands seek a new grip; even your vocabulary changes, as you revert to the path of the sun and the position of the stars as your points of reference. The eyes have no boundaries; you look at the world through the transparency of the waves, and time becomes pure, exclusively yours, making your rediscover the sweetness of living. Immersed in the most authentic Italian style and craftsmanship, assisted by top-performing technology for extraordinary nautical prowess and comfort, these authentic jewels are a veritable haven offshore, guiding us to a new emotional geography, where the sea meets the sky.

 Azimut 80:

Azimut 80 stands out for its large side windows that allow light to reflect off the water and filter in to the interiors, enhancing the thrill of looking out to sea.

 The element that characterises the Flybridge Collection is a second open-air deck with an extraordinary sunbathing area, which transforms the yacht into a fully-fledged spa. The living area behind the steering console is the ideal place to entertain guests and spend unforgettable days, between lunches at anchor, wonderful moments on the top deck, or charming evenings lying under the starry sky.


Looking out to the horizon

The Azimut 80 offers a sense of space that enhances the thrill of looking out to sea, with views spanning from the waves to the sky, relaxing body and mind and lulling you with pervading feeling of joy. This on-the-water spa offers moments of sweet meditation, suspended in time, in which to set your mind free and truly rest.


Look out at -the open water

The cockpit combines styles and functionality with large and enveloping seats; a convivial place offering unforgettable moments by sea.


The interior of the Azimut 80 is characterised by a new way of interpreting space. Extremely bright thanks to its large windows, the space opens onto the living room, designed for the pleasure of living and entertaining. The bow consists of a dining area, a fully equipped kitchen and a bright and sweeping staircase that leads below deck.

Noble materials, fine fabrics and sophisticated finishes: every feature reveals the all-Italian care of Azimut Yachts and the careful study behind every detail.



The sophisticated and elegant sleeping area lies in the lower deck, and features soft, enveloping lines for the utmost relaxation of its guests. Charm and comfort are at home in every room, thanks to large wardrobes and luxurious en-suite bathrooms/spas.

 Each cabin features a private bathroom, for utmost peace and tranquility. Guests will be able to take care of their complete well-being in silence, comfort and elegance. Purity of lines and a study of form are matched by utmost freedom and privacy, concepts that stimulate the well-being of the senses and encourage relaxation.

The master suite features alongside three beautiful en-suite guest cabins, two with a double bed and one with two twin beds. Welcoming and comfortable, they are marked by great attention to detail.






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