Sunglasses and yachting Recommendations and ideas about summer’s most important accessory for the yacht


Summer is here and the time has come at last to take your family and friends and sail off. However, sun is very dangerous and we should be equipped with the appropriate pair of sunglasses, which is the most necessary accessory that protects you against the sun. A “captain in style” is someone who pays attention to every detail of their appearance, therefore we found you the hottest ideas and recommendations on the market, so that you impress everyone this summer.

Generally speaking, the right dress code on board necessarily includes choosing the right sunglasses, with the proper frame and lenses, which vary depending on the face shape and needs of every person. Times when people with large horn-rimmed glasses were called nerds belong to the past. Technology constantly advances and recommends new types of elegant glasses with excellent design, which still, however, serve the initial purpose they were made for, that is protecting you against the sun, dust and sand.

Therefore, this year again you need to pay attention to this matter and buy the right glasses to protect your eyes. We addressed several sunglasses companies in Cyprus and collected for you the most in-fashion recommendations for this summer, based on our experience on yachting matters and having in mind that sunglasses are a necessary accessory for yachtsmen during summer, helping them in every move.

We present these recommendations to you and we are certain that they will help you make the right choice.

Recommendations by Nakis Theocharides and Son Limited

Nakis Theocharides and Son Limited recommends PolarOne products, of which they are the exclusive agent in Cyprus and all their eyewear have polarized lenses, as well as Ray-Ban και Oakley.

Their special lenses absorb sun’s ultraviolet radiation and eliminate polarized reflected light. This means that they eliminate ultraviolet rays UVA, UVB and UVC, as well as bluelight, also known as High Energy Visible (HEV) light, which is very dangerous. They also have scratch-resistant hard-coated lenses. Some models of these sunglasses are PolarOne 4021 and PolarOne 4065, Ray-Ban 3025, Ray-Ban New Wayfarer, Oakley Radar and Oakley Jawbone.

LalizasHellas-Marina stores  recommendations

Sunglasses TR 90

The new sunglasses collection by Lalizas was designed to suit even the most demanding consumers. Their frame is made of TR-90 heat and impact-resistant material and their polarized lenses reduce glare and eye strain.

The collection also includes polycarbonate sunglasses made for children. Their modern design and specialized construction make them suitable for sports and any long-lasting activity in the sun.


Porsche Design shop is located in Makarios Street in Limassol and offers sea lovers a complete eyewear collection of unique quality and elegance. The products’ high standards cover all your needs. The whole collection is characterized by impressive design with high protection against UVA and UVB rays. Their modern, elegant design will make them your favourite accessory in every boat trip.

Recommendations by PorscheDesign (member of A.I. MotokinisiGroup)

Model Ρ8494

Model P 8494 is ideal for boat travellers, because they have a light titanium frame and block up to 90% of solar radiation. At the same time, the wide range of lenses gives you the chance to choose the percentage of radiation blocked yourself.

Recommendations by Henri Lloyd

HenriLloydQuantum and Vista collections

Donani company recommends Henri Lloyd Quantum and Henri Lloyd Vista series for yachtsmen, sunglasses which are especially designed for them. Henri Lloyd Quantum have a frame made of high-strength acetate which provides great durability. On the other hand, their polarized lenses have a hydrophobic coating to completely remove moisture caused by sweat, rain or suntan lotion.

Their lenses are also designed to eliminate static electric charge and remove dust and dirt in order to maintain the highest level of visual clarity. In addition, they reduce glare and provide full protection against harmful ultraviolet solar rays. The lenses fit accurately into the frame, so that the sunglasses can be safely and comfortably worn and fully protect against the sun and water in extreme weather conditions.

By Panagiotis Chalvatzoglou


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Sunglasses and yachting Recommendations and ideas about summer’s most important accessory for the yacht
Sunglasses and yachting Recommendations and ideas about summer’s most important accessory for the yacht
Sunglasses and yachting Recommendations and ideas about summer’s most important accessory for the yacht
Sunglasses and yachting Recommendations and ideas about summer’s most important accessory for the yacht
Sunglasses and yachting Recommendations and ideas about summer’s most important accessory for the yacht

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