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SAILING LESSONS IN CYPRUS Where? When? How? Everything you need to know!

  • SAILING LESSONS IN CYPRUS Where? When? How? Everything you need to know!
  • SAILING LESSONS IN CYPRUS Where? When? How? Everything you need to know!
  • SAILING LESSONS IN CYPRUS Where? When? How? Everything you need to know!
  • SAILING LESSONS IN CYPRUS Where? When? How? Everything you need to know!

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You have decided to do it a long time ago, but when spring comes you ‘forget’ it. Between your job and all other obligations you do not seem to find time for sailing lessons. You have no idea where they might take place, who teaches them, how much they cost…But you will definitely start next year. You keep repeating that to yourself. But is it really that hard?

Cyprus is the best place for someone to learn sailing. The weather is ideal; therefore, lessons take place all year long and the water is suitable for beginners.

Below, you will find all the information you need in order to choose the school that suits you best, as well as the right trainers that will initiate you into the magical world of sailing.

Most nautical and sailing clubs offer lessons in one-seat boats / car boats(Laser, Optimist or other types). These lessons are recommended to people with no previous sailing experience who would firstly like to test the experience of coming in contact with the water and the wind. The lessons are individual and are arranged with the trainer upon request. They last 1-1.5 hr. Except for the cost of the lessons you might need to pay an amount (around 40 – 50 €) to become a member of the club. Children over 5 years old can also attend such lessons.

  1. 1.     Limassol Nautical Club

Tel: 25318181


Trainer: Christos Karampournakis (tel: 99656751)

Number of lessons: 10 (1 theoretical and 9 practical)

Price: € 250

  1. 2.     Famagusta Nautical Club

The Club’s Headquarters are in Limmasol.

Tel:  +35725879767

Fax: +35725324057



Trainers: Costas Gnafakis (+35799166024)

                 Andreas Cosgrove (+35799407732)

                 Anastasia Davrou (+35795515673)

                 Nicholas Georgiades (+35799471159)  Windsurfing

Customized lessons

Summer School Sessions also available from June until the end of August

3      Begafigo Famagusta Sailing Club

Trainer: Vassilis Christodoulou
Telephone Number: 99623447


  1. 4.     Crystal Marine

The school is located at the port of Latsi, near Paphos. It offers individual lessons for 30€. The minimum a lesson can last is 2 hrs.

Instructor / Manager: Chris Hiley

Tel: 99828816 & 26322869



But what about those who would like to move on to the next step? In order to be able to navigate a sailboat, you need to attend offshore sailing courses. These courses are offered in Cyprus by the following schools:

  1. PASIMIS (Pancyprian Athletic Association of Small Boat Owners)

The association offers a program of 30 lessons, which includes 52 hrs of theory and 25 hrs of practice. The theoretical lessons take place twice a week (each lessons is 2hrs) in Nicosia (Acropoli) and the practical lessons that last up to 3 hrs, take place at Weekends in Larnaca.There are two courses each year, January – April and September – December. The price is € 720.

Instructor / Manager: Savvas Constantinou

Tel: 22459088 & 22251401



  1. True North Yachting

Η True North Yachting offers a wide range of lessons certified by RYA (Royal Yachting Association):

Beginner’s Course

Courses start in late October last 14 weeks. A three-hour theoretical class takes place each week and during the last two Weekends trainees are given the chance to test in practice everything they have learned.

Competent Crew

This course includes two practical lessons during which new sailors apply the basic sailing and meteorology principles, learn how to maintain and manage their boat, how to respond to emergencies etc.

The total cost for both courses is 990 €. All lessons take place in Limassol

For experienced sailors, the school offers advanced courses, like ‘Coastal Skipper’, ‘Yachtmaster’ and others.

Instructor / Manager: Andreas Tavelis

TelThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ΤηλΤΗτ: 25821018 & 99586486



  1. Dhekelia Sailing Club

A first acquaintance with sailing is also offered by Dhekelia Sailing Club. Four-day sailing lessons take place in Larnaca from later April and on. The price is 150 € (Small boats).

Instructor / Manager: Chris Dodds

Tel: 99115697



  1. Ostria Sailing Academy

Two courses are offered that last two months (February – April & September - Novemver). Two theoretical lessons take place every week in Nicosia and one practical lesson at Larnaca marina. The price for the beginners’ courses (Competent Crew + Coastal Skipper Course) is 840€.

For more experienced sailors extra classes are offered (i.e. Offshore Skipper Course)

Instructor / Manager: Antonis Kalopetrides

Tel: 22669017



After completing one of the above courses you will need to start keeping a record of the miles you have travelled, so that once you have reached the required number you will be able to take the relevant exams that will award you with a diploma, which will allow you to buy your own sailboat or rent one for your sea trips.

The right and complete theoretical and practical training is the key to be able to enjoy the sea and the wind and avoid any risks or inconvenience. Most trainers that got involved in this occupation did it because of their great passion for sailing. Talk to them, ask them anything and choose the school that meets your expectations. This spring is probably time to make your first steps into the magical world of water and wind.

  1. Nautical Offshore Sailing Club (Ν.Ο.Ι.Α.Θ)

It was founded a few months ago by a group of experienced and new sailors that share the same vision, the principle of fair play and cooperation and the aim to spread the knowledge of the sea and sailing in every possible way. The club’s headquarters are in Larnaca. It organizes courses followed by a theoretical and practical examination for the acquisition of a sailing diploma, as well as educational trips.

Practical courses are done on a sailing boat in groups of 5 per course with a cost of €300 p.p. The courses last for 4 days- 32 hours (two weekwnds) Dates for the courses are arranged upon requests or completion of a group. Theoretical courses are done every Wednesday in Nicosia in three hour courses and last for twelve weeks. Theoretical courses start every February. The cost is €300

Instructor are Mr Nicos Papaevripides and Mr Filippos Psilonikis.

For more information

Nicos Papaevripides

Τηλ: 99676618


  1. 6.     PONATHA

Ponatha is another club in Larnaca that was founded in 1984 by some Yacht owners who wanted a place to gather and share sailing and yachting experience

The Club  is now one of the Oldest off-shore sailing Clubs of Cyprus, having its own offshore sailing school, giving offshore skippers certificates Recognised by the Cyprus Ministry of education and by the Cyprus Ministry of Yachting and shipping.
The club does as well Practical sailing courses giving competent crew certificates, to candidates which want to learn sailing on Yacht.
For NEW members and students they can start from Zero as long they love the sea and are willing to learn. The minimum age is 18 years and no max age.

The offshore sailing school starts in early October and ends in late April.

Practical sailing lessons all year. Sail raising season: May – October. Late March: Club General Meeting. For information about the club:

For information about the school: Petros Zantis 99672666

By Stelios Karagannopoulos


Cyprus Yachting

Issue 10, January 2011



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